Our Business model is horizontal, collaborative and networked. We turn concepts into reality.

We comprehend that the necessary skills for achieving long-term transformation require a decentralized, fluid structure that allows the creative process, the idea, the product or the strategy to be born anywhere, through anyone. Technology connects and unifies us all, allowing different perspectives and points of view to come to bear.

The result is a company on demand, fast in innovation and flexible in solutions.


Heleno Bernardi

Content & Art

Beyond its intrinsic qualities, how can art be used to enhance communications? How can the artistic experience make human relationships more humane, integrated and participatory? Heleno seeks to answer these questions in every job, with the same degree of conceptual rigor and experimentation that he applies to urban artworks, installations and site-specific projects.

Paulo Mussoi

Content & Writing

Paulo believes the soul of any communication is in the text – even if the end result is some images, a piece of music or some kind of movement. As an editor, writer and project coordinator, Paulo sees words as his principle construction tool whether it is for videos or fictional films, doc., publicity items, digital content or multi-platform projects.

Gabriela Mafort

Content & Innovation

Gabi is dedicated to creating multi-platform stories that provide a transmedia experience for internet users, spectators and producers. She believes that the networked society favors more transparent relationships. You can often find her out and about on her bike and listening to MPB (Brazilian pop music) with a touch of electronic groove.

Bruno Duarte

Content & Film

An experienced director of documentaries, wildlife and other films, Bruno admits he is a novice when it comes to children. He prefers to work in the studio, with the air-conditioning on full blast, where he can catch up on his sleep between takes, or in the quiet island of the editing room.

Ricardo Cappra

Content & Data

Ricardo is devoted to finding ways to systematize, measure and analyze things, always seeking to solve problems through the application of logic and science. He is a data scientist specializing in business analytics and is the Chief Scientist at Cappra Data Science and at the Mission Control big data laboratory.

Eduardo Lasota

Content & Idiom

If it needs translating, Eduardo’s your go-to guy. While his engineering training leads him to a certain precision in everything he does, he balances that neatly with the flexibility and creativity required when shifting between one language and another, along with his sharp entrepreneurial instincts. He embraces challenges and will commit every bit of his skills and knowledge to achieve the best translation.

Flavio Rozemblatt

Content & Newbiz

Flavio has been an serial entrepreneur. He jumped at the challenge of working with NGOs and social movements to produce documentaries, before turning his hand to his own business projects. He has always sought to use quality content as a corporate communication and marketing tool. He has worked with leading brands, such as Shell, TOTVS, VALE, Honda, Petrobras, Mercedes-Benz, Michelin, Oi and Tim, among others.

Roberta Prescott

Content & Journalism

Roberta divides her time between journalism, horses, cooking and travel. Whether on horseback or globetrotting through 25 countries on three continents, she is clearly a good Sagittarian. Conducting interviews, meeting new people, writing articles, galloping on a horse, traveling or cooking, what she really likes to do is simply make the most of life!

Apoena Horta

Content & Design

A specialist in editorial design, during a career spanning 20 years, she has worked at companies in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Barcelona, notably with the Brazilian Editora Abril publishing house. On sunny days, early in the morning, you can find her swimming off one of Rio’s beaches.

Bianca Cerdeira

Content & Strategy

For Bianca, image is a consequence of experienced purpose and identity. That is why branding is not an end, but a beginning. And content without focus steers is a course deviation. Aligned and put into practice, it becomes culture and creates ecosystems around brands. She is emphatic when she says, "Without engaging strategies, there is no transformation or end result."

Bruno Cysne

Content & Motion

Already with training and experience as a post-production coordinator, Bruno broadened his area of expertise and found his true calling in video editing. Along with music, which from a simple pleasure has also become another source of income. After all, they say you're only as good as your last job, so there's no room for mediocrity.